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Oklahoma Cast List

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Name Role
Steven Peter Curly McLain
Ashley Stricker Laurey Williams
Timmy Mullen Will Parker
Jenny Wasilewski Ado Annie
Peter Buckley Ali Hakim
Jody Goldman Aunt Eller
Daryl Schultz Andrew Carnes
Kevin Moore Jud Fry
Anne Arza Gertie
Marty Knight Ike Skidmore
Jenny Kuffel Dream Laurey
Patti Bussert Ensemble
David Cantalupo Ensemble
Devon Elizabeth Ensemble
Jason Hunter Ensemble
Kim Karlin Ensemble
Nanci Karlin Ensemble
Julie Koerner Ensemble
Dan Lantvit Ensemble
Kenn Matlock Ensemble
Andrea Nicholson Ensemble
Nick Nicholson Ensemble
Caroline Prescott Ensemble
JoEllyn Romano Ensemble
Karen Peterson Ensemble
Mike Silva Ensemble

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